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Pools are Like Dogs

The reason for this “dog” analogy is because in many cases pools are like dogs! How good or how bad the pool is can depend on how the pool was managed from the beginning – right from the start of your ownership. The care and feeding of your pool is […]

Legionnaires’ Disease & Your Pool or Hot Tub

You may not have to worry about COVID-19 in your pool water, but Legionnaires’ disease is making a comeback. Did you know that each year between 8,000–18,000 people in the US are hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease? Legionella, the germ that causes Legionnaires’ disease, is naturally found in water. Pools and hot […]

Don’t coil that pool vacuum hose!

Manufacturers report that coiling the pool vacuum hose between uses is one of the most common mistakes made by pool owners and pool service professionals alike. A coiled hose develops a “memory” and will try to recoil to its original form when used. This could result in the cleaner hose not working, […]

Pool Care 101 | What You Need To Know!

The first rule in Pool Care is to have the proper equipment! Here are the basic tools that you’ll need: Pool pole (telescoping type) Pool net (not flat, but a deep net type) Pool brush Taylor chemical testing kit (or equivalent) Rubber mallet Screw driver set (multi-head set) Set Up […]