Our 75 Point Diagnostic Assessment

The Diagnostic Assessment | What’s Included and What’s Not

At American Pool Inspection, our comprehensive 75-point diagnostic assessment and inspection report will give you the details you need for balancing, fixing and maintaining your pool properly.

If you purchase a home with a pool and it has a unsatisfactory pool inspection, you just bought it “AS IS”!

No one likes surprises and no one should buy a home with a pool and then have to spend hundreds of dollars fixing the pool to swim in. With a certified inspection from American Pool Inspection, you’ll know the real status of the pool before you buy.

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We Know Swimming Pools and Pool Equipment

Our diagnostic assessment is in accordance with industry standards set forth by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the National Swimming Pool Foundation and the State of Arizona. Our purpose is to identify defective or adverse conditions that need immediate attention (safety related) and additional evaluation. We evaluate systems, equipment and miscellaneous components and report on their general condition. We take into consideration when the pool was built and allow for the predicable deterioration that would normally occur through time, such as cracks and discoloration in and around the swimming pool. At our discretion, we may disregard insignificant and predictable defects that have no existing or future bearing on the pool.

Identifying Pool Leaks

Since pressure tests are not performed, it isn’t possible to check for leaks without examining previous water bills. A leak detection company can isolate a leak if there is one.

Your Certified Pool Inspection Report

Each industry-leading inspection report covers a comprehensive assessment of every possible component in the pool. The report identifies each part of the pool, explains in layman’s terms why it is important, and then documents any issues that may require the owner’s attention.

We will continue to improve the quality of this report so that you have the knowledge and tools available to make your best informed decision possible (we now cover well over 80 critical items).

Read what some of our recent customers have to say about American Pool Inspection.

I wanted to complement you on the thoroughness and educational value of your evaluation of our pool. We are first time pool purchasers and have heard too many horror story about pools, so your evaluation and explanation was very enlightening. Your fee was money well spent.Steve P., Pool Owner

I can’t say enough good things about Tom Krause at American Pool Inspection. We have called him on several occasions to inspect pools for our clients and he always responds quickly to our request. As someone who was in real estate he understands the necessity of getting the job done quickly and thoroughly. On one occasion we had a pool that was in pretty bad shape and he brought in an engineer to consult with him, at no extra cost to our client. It’s obvious he cares about the condition the pool is in for the buyer, not wanting them to have a ton of problems when they move in.

We are able to include all this info in our BINSR and feel confident in what repairs we are asking for or a credit if needed.

If you’re a REALTOR working with a client or client buying a house with a pool, you should contact Tom before you buy!Lea C., REALTOR | Buyer Agent

Tom Krause was an exceptional pool inspector. He went above and beyond expectation. He was kind, personable, professional and very thorough. I not only will use him again but I gladly recommend him to my family, friends and business associates.Marilu M., REALTOR

After Tom did an inspection on a pool for a house we were buying, there were a number of questions that we had regarding the operation and maintenance of the pool equipment. He came to our new home 2 days after we contacted him and did an outstanding job of answering our questions and informing us of the important features of the equipment and proper maintenance of the pool. We are extremely pleased with the help that Tom provided and would recommend him to anyone that needs additional knowledge about their pool.Lonnie S., Home Buyer

After contracting Tom Krause of American Pool Inspection for a pool inspection recently, I was so impressed with Tom that I insisted I write him a letter of recommendation! Tom is very knowledgeable and provided quick and timely replies to my questions. He took the time to explain everything and could tell that the pool issues were stressful to me and my family. The most important thing I can say about Tom is he is not only an expert and very professional, but he genuinely cares about his customers.

The pool was 16 years old, had old parts and plaster, a leaky supply line and caused me a lot of stress. Tom inspected the pool, recommended what I needed to do, provided his expertise and opinion on the equipment renewal, took photos of everything “before” and “after” and provided a very professional written report for a very reasonable price. He is not only a Certified Pool Inspector but also a sincerely good person. If you have a pool in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend you call Tom Krause. I will happily answer any questions about this referral if you need to know more. Please email me anytime on my Gmail account and I will email or call you back.Rob R., Pool Owner

I really appreciate your service and report. You are a pro and I will certainly recommend your services.Patrick F., Customer

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